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The SuperCello Festival, as its name implies, seeks to showcase the wondrous properties of the cello. This is not a music festival with merely one or several concerts, but is rather a grand collective musical movement which seeks to restore the nature of music back to the world within just four days. Regardless of whether you choose to listen to music quietly in the concert hall, or to participate in an exciting range of activities taking place in the lobby, such as instrument-making, bow-making, reading, and watching videos, from breakfast, to afternoon tea, to banquets with fine wines, this is a series of cultural events that promises to be a unique Chinese musical experience with distinctly international flavours. Within the space of four days, we have 21 world class performers taking turns to peform, with the full support of the Belgium Chamber Orchestra and the China National Symphony Orchrstra, we will bring you an unforgettable musical extravaganza in Beijing.